Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Invitation to Afternoon Tea

Okay, the introductions are over and soon I'll start posting some snippets of history about Ashdown House, but first I wanted to issue an invitation to afternoon tea!

At the moment the Friends of Ashdown are busy planning tea on the lawn for next season but here at virtual Ashdown we are already up and running with our refreshments so sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Tea is served in the South Lodge, one of the two lodge buildings that you can see in the photographs. Originally the South Lodge was the kitchen, bakery and brewery for the main house and the original fireplace and bread ovens are still there. Whilst we're sitting here chatting, please do tell me your own favourite historic places to visit so we can all go on a tour!

Anyone for a pot of tea with scones, jam and cream?

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Kate Hardy said...

What a beautiful house, Nicola - I especially like the cupola. Was it ever used as an observatory? And if so, by whom and did they discover anything?

One of my favourite places is Blickling Hall in Norfolk - another National Trust property. It has the most amazing library, and the gardens are stunning - there are bluebell carpets in the spring, followed by a profusion of rhododendrons. (I've borrowed it as a setting for my current romantic novel.)

Blickling once belonged to the Boleyn family and is reputedly haunted by Anne (and her father with the headless horses and a coach), and there's a Holbein portrait of Henry VIII in the entrance hall (as well as a map - my family have to peel me off it as I have a thing about ancient maps).